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Why choose CRM Technologies

CRM Technology is a data mining company that provides critical business intelligence to commercial clients. Customers use CRM to intelligently target & identify potential customers that are in the market for their products. CRM leverages content-driven online tools to gather consumer data & behavior to match them with customers to deliver products & services to consumers.


Business Intelligence

We provide services to drill down into your data and provide insight into trends and ways that you can leverage existing relationships to grow profits.


Cloud Based Service

Because we host our platform all you need is a browser on any device; be it a desktop, a laptop or a mobile device.


Marketing Solutions

We can also assist you in using your existing lessons on customers to gain new customers. Finding the perfect set of advertising requirements to generate customers that actually generate you income.

Amazing Features

We have brought together algorithms from many of the worlds leading developers to analyze your data and find patterns in it.

Image layer

Trend analysis


Trends from terrabytes of data


100% hosted platform


Custom Development


New customer generation


Solid platform

  • Natasha James

    Natasha James
    Marketing Manager

    "When I want to design a new marketing campaign, seeing what I should be targetting is invaluable. CRM Technologies' software is crucial to our business."

  • Jonathan Smithies

    Jonathan Smithies
    Software Developer

    "Being able to see what parts of customer's information is important to us means I can streamline database storage requirements"


Find the real story your data is trying to tell you

In an age dominated by data we can easily get overwhelmed. Having access to thousands of metrics on our customers seems like a great idea at first but it makes it hard to see trends. By using CRM Technology software you can easily see trends stand out and cross correlate these trends with information such as sales.

Easy to use and customized for your vertical

When you sign up with us we organize time with a developer and a sales agent to go through your requirements and make sure that your hosted platform is perfect for your needs.

Get In Touch

We have staff waiting to answer any questions you may have and begin setting you up with our platform.